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Sunday, 14 December 2014

Detailed Global and China Potassium Nitrate Market Forecast and Trend Analysis by a Report on Research Beam

Research Beam adds a report titled “2014 Deep Research Report on Global and China Potassium Nitrate Industry”, which provides detailed knowledge regarding the market trends and growth prospects of the potassium nitrate market, globally.

Potassium nitrate, a chemical compound, is a white crystalline salt that occurs naturally in nitre and has several uses and applications. Majorly, potassium nitrate is found in fertilizers, fireworks and rocket propellants. Potassium nitrate has been a source of food preservative since the middle ages and it also an important constituent of gunpowder.

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Potassium nitrate is a source of nitrate, which is has several uses. It is used as an ingredient for food preservation and preparation. For food preparation, West African cuisine consists of potassium nitrate mainly in the stews and soups. It works as food softening agent and also reduces cooking time while boiling tough meat and beans.

Potassium nitrate also works as a macronutrients source for plants with potassium and nitrogen, and is highly recommended as a fertilizer. It has also has several medicinal uses and has been highly adopted by the pharmacology sector. There are several medicinal uses of potassium nitrate such as it is used in toothpastes for treating sensitive teeth and was also used for treating asthma since the historic times. It also helps in relieving the symptoms of urethritis, cystitis and pyelitis and fights high blood pressure.

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Apart from the above mentioned uses and benefits of potassium nitrate, it is also highly recommend and used for several industrial purposes such as heat treatment of metals, source of thermal storage in power generation systems, as electrolyte in a salt bridge, etc.

The report on potassium nitrate provides detailed explanation of the various emerging and current market trends across various geographical regions, the study also consists of detailed analysis of the varied factors influencing the growth of the global market and the challenges faced by the market. The report further provides detail competitive analysis of the global market which would help the market investors to understand the current market scenario and growth prospects of the global potassium nitrate market in the future.

Table of contents:
Chapter One Potassium Nitrate Industry Overview    1
1.1 Potassium Nitrate Definition    1
1.2 Potassium Nitrate Classification and Application    2
1.3 Potassium Nitrate Industry Chain Structure    4
1.4 Potassium Nitrate Industry Overview    4

Chapter Two Potassium nitrate Market Status Analysis    5

2.1 International Development Status Analysis    5
2.2 Main Countries and Regions Overview    7
2.3 Overall Market trend Analysis    8
2.4 Recent Market Tendency List    9

Chapter Three Potassium Nitrate Development Environmental Analysis    11

3.1 China Economic Environment Analysis    11
3.1.1 China GDP Analysis    11
3.1.2 China CPI Analysis    12
3.1.3 China Urban and Rural Incomes Analysis    13
3.1.4 China Total Retail Sales of Consumer Goods Analysis    14
3.1.5 China Investment in Fixed Assets Analysis    15
3.1.6 China The Total Value of Imports and Exports of Goods Analysis    16
3.1.7 2014 China Macroeconomic Forecast    16
3.2 European Economic Environmental Analysis    18
3.3 United States Economic Environmental Analysis    19
3.4 Japan Economic Environmental Analysis    20
3.5 Global Economic Environmental Analysis    21

Chapter Four Potassium Nitrate Development Policy and Plan    22
4.1 Potassium Nitrate Industry Policy Analysis    22
4.2 Potassium Nitrate Industry News Analysis    24
4.3 Potassium Nitrate Industry Development Trend    26

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