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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Mobility and Virtualization Create Greater Opportunities in Data Center Switching Industry

Data center is the heart of a business. Likewise, switching is the heart of data center. Switching provides a foundation for data center and cloud environments. Data Center Switching simplifies management tasks, saves operational time, provides adaptability to different applications, and enhances performance of data center. The major components of switching network model are a core switch, distribution switches, and access switches. This model is also known as three-tier network model. A core switch is a core of a network. Distribution switches connect core switch and access switches. Furthermore, access switches are connected to end devices, such as computers and printers.
Choosing the right switching network for an organization based on its current demands and future needs is a difficult task. Major criteria to be considered for selecting a data center switch are physical requirement, throughput capacity, power & cooling environments, virtual switch support, network assembly, and single vendor support.
Manufacturers provide various benefits, such as investment protection, design flexibility, consistency in operations, multiple architecture support, and virtualization. These benefits help in addressing future needs of an organization, simplify upgradation of network, and strengthen their position in the industry. Software Defined Networking (SDN) is the emerging trend of data center switching industry. It enables adaptability to different applications, automation at network layer, and flexibility at server level. Mobility, virtualization, and real-time applications in data center switching systems create greater opportunities in the industry.

Many reports have been published that analyze changing market dynamics of data center switching industry. Recently, Prof Research Reports has added a report titled “2015 Data Center Switching Industry Report - Global and Chinese Market Scenario.” The report offers detailed analysis of current market status, key manufacturers, economic impact, and industry chain structure of the global data center switching industry with a spotlight on Chinese industry.

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