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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Analysts Find Hadoop Entrenched in Healthcare & Bioinformatics Sector

The ‘World Wide Web’ witnessed a dramatic transformation in late 90’s and early 20’s. Search engines were created to empower users locate accurate data amid text – based content. Those days’ search results were returned by the users. But, as web developed it grew from dozen to about million pages and so did the need for automation. Web crawlers emerged, many university – led project and new entrants in the search engine such as AltaVista and Yahoo took off. Today, data volumes are continuously increasing, majorly from social media as well as IoT. They are a major consideration. Hadoop solves the problem by increasing the computing power. The distributed computing model assured by Hadoop now processes big data faster. So the more computing nodes a user uses the more processing capacity he or she has.

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Growing Application In BFSI & Retail Brings Good News For World Data Analytics Outsourcing - Market

Today, increasing interest in Big Data has resulted in the growing need for analytics team. Companies considering big data capabilities not only become efficient but tend to refine their competitiveness. Enterprises accessing paramount data analytics abilities now have an access to different ways to gain long -term benefits. One of the topmost brand, FedEx Corp. for instance has engaged its team of professionals with analytical competencies to build and manage a competitive edge via enhanced revenues and at low price. One of the key factor, that has enabled brand like Wal-Mart Inc. lead the retail sector is the capability of its analytics.