Friday, 24 June 2016

No Apparent Filtration Bar for New Entrants in Water Purifier Market

Allied Market Research - World water purifier market is expanding at a robust rate. New entrants tap opportunities to grasp their share of profits.
When majority of key industry players work around technical upgrades on their previous products, the fresh market entrants cleverly incorporate innovations to mark their presence. Enterprises now feel the rising pulse of IoT in almost all industries. Add the factor of connectivity with the solutions to prevalent misgivings on water purification equipment, and behold, the market has its novice line of products. Installing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity is a trend that has initiated the timeline of smart purifiers. Users are now able to verify the purity level of their water while monitoring discerned parameters over connected devices. Multiple new brands are here in the water purifier market to place their portfolio offerings.

Latest Corporate Ventures

The unveiling of home water purifier by Xiaomi earlier in March 2016, came as an unprecedented news for the consumers. It ventured out beyond its three core line ups of smartphones, smart TVs, and smart routers. Viomi, one of Xiaomi’s 29 incubated companies, houses the manufacturing rights to the smart Mi water purifier 2. Standing true to its ‘Mi’ standards, the purifying device is equipped suitably in order to connect over ‘mobile internet’ to Xiaomi’s home app. Smart purifiers are causing world water purifier market to experience augmented growth with an approach that fits perfectly into changing technological scenario.

Following the news, Blue Star announced its entry to the residential water purifier business, at the same time specifying its intentions to subsequently slip into commercial water purifier manufacturing as well. The company officials seemed pretty motivated during the announce with their expansion of business, considering that an established brand, in a mature market possessing great growth prospects, cannot go wrong. 

Social or Corporate Responsibility?

Most of the enterprises now enter the industry, eyeing to pocket their share of profits out estimated financial projections. Some, however, are in the business with a more humanitarian approach. Therefore, the market puts up products that are centered around certain population or region. The Life Straw from Switzerland-based Vestergaard, is one such example. Travelers, reaching out to the remotest locations in search of adrenaline rushes, are faced by bowel rush later. The company developed the idea of a compact portable water purifier, that could be easily wrapped up into a backpack. The initial approach towards building ‘filtration straw’ was aimed at providing drinkable water to the ones not privileged with the necessary. 

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