Thursday, 18 February 2016

Meat alternatives, to 590 billion yen market in 2020

Meat alternatives seems to be the business of the future expansion. According to the report of the Allied Market Research February 2 2016 replacement of the market of meat in 2020 has been predicted that will go up to 5900 billion. Average annual growth rate in 2015 to 2020 is 8.4%. In fact, in Europe in 2014, that has increased the consumption of various foods using meat alternatives (from the diet to snacks), accounting for market share of about 39% of overall sales market. Not only the soy meat, seitan and tofu, other made ​​from a variety of vegetable food substitute meat is released, it went is consumed. Especially for the health, it seems there is a high possibility of a more hit of gluten-free products.

in Japan?
Market substitute meat in Japan is expanding little by little.
Vegan as well as migration and to diet to reduce the meat, such as meat-free Monday, such as those in which the health surface catchphrase.
So far not mean that part of the vegan vegetarian of, Marukome is or released Daizurabo, also has been noticeable the entry of private companies.
Soy meat is also in the vicinity of the supermarket has become to be sold. Animals are there in very miserable eyes , carnivorous has given a great deal of No to the global environment with such a mind, it seems there was also a lot of Japanese in one of the past 10 years. To protect the earth of the future, in order to protect the animal, meat substitutes will be going to significantly change the food industry future! 

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