Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Home Décor Trends Are Finally Gaining Luster

From making your abode a happier place to dwell or adding a twist to the contemporary style, home decor can never be overlooked. Dream to personalize home and introduce non – traditional way to refine a room’s decor is driving the home decor market today. Square foot area in many homes is now limited, yet homeowners cannot resist grabbing one from the collection showcased on an online furniture store. In spite of the economic downturn, that effected many countries DIY assignments have explored the fame of home decoration, kitchen decoration and home furnishings.  Never before have so many homeowners been interested to decorate their homes or use their innovation to make their abode comfortable. Home improvement has further increased the demand for furniture, textile and floor coverings.

Today furniture industry is seen cutting through the web chatter and use digital marketing strategies to communicate effectively with their customers. Not only are the kitchen, living and bedroom furniture segment but also bathroom and outdoor furniture are having fun at online stores and increasing even their bottom line. Furniture are a visual sector so the eye candy ensures greater prospects One of the highly notable trend in the furniture industry is the increasing availability of green or eco –friendly furniture. The trend has become popular owing to the rising concern associated with the environmental problems as well as awareness about the same. Now buyers are investing on furniture that is less ornate or grand but highly practical. A logical option for limited space, foldable beds, small tables and chair and recliners are now in demand. Furthermore, the multipurpose furniture is also in great demand these days. Occupying less space and fulfilling more than just one purpose are some of the features buyers are demanding these days. Besides this, customized furniture is a popular trend these days.  

From delicate botanicals to animal inspired prints trends in textile is also experiencing a dramatic shift. Large scale patterns, bold hues as well as vibrant blooms are definitely in this year. Homeowners are focusing more on simple patterns on 3D texture. Moreover, with the digital media fast encroaching the physical arena, the thin line between the on –line as well as off –line has finally blurred. Blend of urban as well as landscapes has resulted in handcrafted items that are in harmony with a room. When it comes to textile trend focus is mainly on decorative elements that brings culture both from the past and future and exhibits rich tomes with metallic elements. Although every room may not require an over –the – top style but by introducing details such as sequins, damasks and metallic hues homeowners can achieve new luxury.

The floor covering industry too has lured many homeowners considering home improvement. Bamboo has been around since many years, but what the sector is experiencing now is the introduction of different colors as well as styles. In addition, the latest factory finished hardwood flooring has also provided all the elegance of reclaimed timber. Explosion of patterns, sizes, materials as well as shapes have kept the demand for hardwood floors growing. Selected mainly for its astonishing attributes, cork flooring has also shot to fame for assuring comfort.

Thus eyeing the recent transformation in trends Allied Market Research has published a report titled “World Home Decor Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2014 - 2020” The study focuses on the key drivers, restraints and opportunities shaping the future of the market. Research weighs up on the key market players active in the market. Critical imperatives such as market size and share, trends, business strategies among other factors are thoroughly studied in the market research report. 

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