Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Growing Applications Encourages Innovation in The Electric Motor Market

A company trying to re-engineer its old design or discover a new product focuses mainly on the electric motors. Electric motors by Telsa are the finest example of innovation and are playing a major role in lowering the motor temperature. Furthermore, company’s major focus on manufacturing electric vehicles has further equipped the makers to design cars right from a clean sheet of paper. In addition, the company has also created a robust engineering learning curve. Major brands are also experimenting by shrinking the electric motors yet maintaining the quality. In a recent incident DeltaWing and DHX made news by introducing light and small motors, that can reduce the weight and volume needs can enhance the efficiency of the car. This further results in greater range.

Technology advancements have also transformed the electric motor market. Popular for its innovation Watersnake shot to fame, when it introduced to the market an array of electric motors years ago. Carrying the legacy forward it has again never failed to lure its customers with its affordability, Electric motors have always been a hit with the fishing fans. So whether someone wanted to drive a noble tinnie, bass boats or popular fiberglass boats, electric motor never fails to lose its charm. These motors are often fixed at the bow and sometimes at the stern. But wherever these machines are located they are a must have for the fishermen. Besides enabling a fisherman take a stealthy approach, motors helps anglers to maneuver even in the tight regions.

On the other hand, the Aviation research and development center of Microsemi is ready to support more and more electric aircraft. Aviation Centre of Excellence of the company with its headquarters in Ireland would focus mainly on the design, development as well as the production of smart power solutions. One of the short term advancements at this center would be the PCM. Moreover, featuring the highly integrated FPGA as well as the HPD phase, the PC would be responsible for controlling the motors in applications including the landing gear as well as main flight control. Likewise, HPD would soon hit the market as a standalone product equipped with integrated solenoid drive.

The demand of electronic motors in household applications are also growing. These motors have been popular essential functions, as it occurs mainly in the case of a washing machines. Washing machines are considered to a key household appliance that aids in carrying out the auxiliary functions. The same thing happens with the refrigerators, especially in the freezers and in the items for environment conditioning. In this case the electric motor controls the functions of the compressor, which is the key component on which the performance of an array of household appliances depend as it takes place in case of suction hoods.

Eyeing the technology developments in the electronic motor industry, Allied market research has published a market research report titled “World Electric Motor Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” As per the market research report the industry would regions such as North America, Europe, Asia -Pacific and LAMEA would experience tremendous growth during the forecast period. The study further highlights the major drivers, restraints as well as opportunities shaping the electric market worldwide. The report also weighs upon the different segments such as types, out power, application and geography. Competitive landscape of the market is thoroughly studies to provide an actionable and relevant information.

The key market players active in the electric motors market consists of Ametek Inc., Allied Motion Technologies, Inc, Baldor Electric Company, Inc. (ABB Group), Baldor Electric Company, Inc. (ABB Group) and Rockwell Automation, Inc amongst others.

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