Monday, 8 February 2016

Government Initiatives Attracts Small Entrepreneurs to The E- Waste Market

Today, there has been a significant increase in the number of discarded electronic devices. Used electrical equipment that are destined for salvage, disposal or reuse too have increased considerably. Furthermore, e – waste is considered hazardous owing to its toxic components, that also consists of heavy metals. The harmful toxic chemicals often found in e-waste are arsenic, lead, mercury and cadmium amongst others. These chemicals not only pollute the environment but also cause damage to life, when processed. The growing concerns over the harmful impacts of e-waste on environment has triggered initiative at different level in North America, Europe and Japan.

Government bodies have now realized that producers, consumers and retailers have an important part to play, when it comes to e-waste management. Besides the interventions from the legislative and government bodies, increasing awareness have now transformed the consumer preference in Europe and Japan. Moreover, this has consequently persuaded many manufacturers to design their products according to the increasing demands. On the other hand, rising ecological thinking of the producers’ have also led to reconsideration, innovation and adaption of product lines. Manufacturers are now focusing on the selection of material and business strategies, that are in line with the current policies or regulations.

Industrial experts, further believe that e-waste can produce more silver or gold that what miners can obtain through their mining operations. In a recent incident, reputed waste management company Ecoreco has finally collaborate with MCGM to build an e-waste collection hub within Mumbai Municipal Corporation. This will not only encourage a systematic collection of electronic waste, but also make sure the scientific disposable is given proper attention. The rich expertise majorly in the field of e-waste Ecoreco has come to the rescue of many in Mumbai. Moreover, this would offer a permanent solution for the problems created by such devices. Under this collaboration, the Ecoreco Collection Centres in Mumbai, would be responsible for accumulating as well as facilitating disposal of electronic devices in a scientific manner. The senior authorities have urged the people of Mumbai to make use of these facilities to disposes off their electronic waste.

Such initiatives have further created greater opportunities for the e-waste recyclers. Product manufacturers are now focusing on more on renewable and with eco-friendly parts. Government bodies have realized that it’s difficult to construct an integrated recycling plant. Thus, major focus is on dividing the complete procedure in recycling into much small and hassle – free procedure. This has lured small entrepreneurs who want to participate in such initiatives. Brands are also focusing on building an application that can co-ordinate with all the e-waste collectors for discarding the waste scientifically. There is a strong need to transform the mindset of the customers. Industrial experts believe this can be performed by sensitizing the youth about the harmful impacts of e-waste and encourage good habit, when disposing the electronic gadgets. Additionally, research institutes are also partnering with government bodies to explore newer technologies for systematic resource recovery from electronic devices.

Eyeing the huge prospects in the e-waste market, Allied Market Research has published a market research report titled “World E-Waste Management Market - Opportunities and Forecasts, 2013 – 2020.” The study outlines the key drivers, restraints and opportunities shaping the e-waste market across different countries. Besides this, the market performance in regions such as North America, Europe, Asia – Pacific and LAMEA has contributed to market growth. Likewise, the study explores the market types including trashed and recycled. The sources discussed in the market research report include household appliances, IT and telecommunication as well as Consumer Electronics amongst others. To conclude, the research analysts make sure all the important aspects of the market is covered to offers an actionable and relevant information.

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