Wednesday, 23 September 2015

A major supplier of tungsten components to move from China to US


Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, a supplier of tungsten components intended for applications in areas such as military, industrial engineering and medical segments, is planning to move its China-based production operation to the city of Laramie, Wyoming. This departure is a sort of reversal from a major economic trend of outsourcing manufacturing jobs from the U.S. to nations owing to the availability of cheap labor. The development is significant since Laramie plant will produce tungsten fragments and penetrators which is used to blast through concrete which will be sold to military armament and manufacturers globally. The turns the metal tungsten into fragments which has for machine guns, missiles and tanks. In collaboration with the Business Council and Laramie Chamber Business Alliance the company has business plans for building a large office and manufacturing facility spanning across10, 000 square-foot in the city of Laramie. According to Joe Sery, Owner of San Diego, California-based Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts, the hi-tech operation will combine the use of automation technology with employed staff and the plant will run 24 by 7. The company would employ as many as twenty-five people to begin with. As opined by Sery, that number is expected to grow rapidly with increasing number of contracts and collaboration entered made by the company.

According to Ben Avery, director of the Wyoming Business Council’s Business and Industry Division “The expansion to a new facility in Wyoming is evidence of Wyoming’s ability to be a competitive place in the nation for manufacturing

Shawn Reese, CEO, Wyoming Business Council, said the Tungsten Heavy Powder & Parts project focuses on efforts to increase Wyoming’s prosperity thereby diversifying its economy. He says “We put a lot of effort into growing Wyoming’s manufacturing and new technology industries, enhancing value-added opportunities, welcoming investment in Wyoming from around the nation and around the world and increasing trade nationally and internationally,”

There are many research studies done by industry experts which offers a comprehensive insight into the industry dynamics in terms of current and future market trends, segmentation and forecast along with future growth prospects. Recently, a report added by Prof Research Reports titled “Global and Chinese Tungsten Powder Industry, 2015 Market Research Report” offers a detailed analysis into the key drivers and restraints, market share and size, dominant market dynamics and competitive landscape scenario along with the market strategies adopted by key market players to gain a foothold in the global market with a focus on China.

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