Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Robotic Surgery Market Observes Rising Need Across Various Therapeutic Segments

Robotic Surgery Market
Today, robotic surgery is being preferred over age-old open procedures. Besides promising less trauma to a human body robotic surgery involves shorter hospitalization, lesser pain and blood loss. Thus the growing demand for small incisions and higher precision has persuaded the robotic surgery industry to consider innovation and investments. Furthermore focussing on its application in treating various ailments, the robotic surgery is believed to be the future of even the complicated orthopaedic treatments. Earlier the FDA had given a nod to the use of robotics for perform complex surgeries including the hip as well as the hip replacement procedures.

Besides this, in India nearly twenty five centers are using robots for prostatectomy. Likewise, the engaging robotic arms for even the complicated cases have been a great success in India. Approximately 50 to 60 percent of the prostatectomy are performed through them in the country. Additionally, countries such as United States and United Kingdom top the list when it comes to using robots compared to the other developing countries.  Most of the India hospitals now have robots that have been imported from overseas.

Another exciting approach in the medical field is treating several eye deformities with robotic surgery. Robots today are focusing more on improvising the reproducibility and to make the present vitreoretinal surgeries error –free. The vitreoretinal procedures refers to the surgeries inside the human eye. The robotic surgeries are now concentrating more on vitrectomy as well as membrane peeling. Similarly, robotic science is also contributing to women health in 2015. For women with fibroids problem robotic procedures assures minimal invasion and small incision in their abdomen.  In such cases robotic surgery promises minimal post-surgery pain and scar-free outcome. Research Beam has added a report titled “Global Robotic Surgery Market 2015-2019.” According to the report the robotic surgery market worldwide would observes a CAGR of 10.66 percent during the forecast period of 2014 to 2019. The report indicates that the robotic surgery segment would grow in regions such as EMEA, Americas and APAC. 

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