Friday, 10 July 2015

Concerns Over Women Health Attracts Multi –Disciplinary Assessment Approach

Report Overview

Today, there are growing concerns over women specific diseases such as obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression and mental illness, cervical and breast cancer among many others. So to improve the health condition of women would need advancements in preventive medical care services as well as health care patterns. Perfect understanding of the existing condition of women’s health have helped clinicians across countries of Baltic States, CCEE, Central Asian Republics, CIS and others to devise better and more informed healthcare solutions. 

According to an article in the “Christian Post “women’s health is a major focus in Texas as well as Tennessee’s pro – life regulations. The state legislature of both, recently passed laws needing the abortion clinics to maintain quality health and safety conditions as ambulatory surgery clinics. In addition, several state – run programs developed worldwide now offer access to cardiovascular and cancer screenings to introduce a new model, flaring concerns from health advocates. Early this month NASRAT’s woman wing introduced a countrywide campaign for screening breast cancer. Speaking at the inauguration, Ms Rebecca Ocran Abaidoo, said “We organised this programme because breast cancer has become a threat to women and it has begun manifesting itself in our union.”

Besides, this women living below the poverty line at are at greater danger of contracting STD’s and succumbing to breast cancer. This also means that reproductive health care systems is no longer some frivolous advantage; it’s a necessity to save lives.  In an article published in “Global Times” China confirmed that it will carry out free screening tests for pregnant mother with HIV to prevent transmission from the mother to foetus. An AIDs expert working at the famous “Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention”, Shao Yiming, told Global Times “Proper medical treatment during pregnancy is important if an infected woman wants to have natural birth. After giving birth, both the mother and child still need to take prescription medication to reduce the transmission rate."

According to a report added in Research Beam titled “Womens Health - Assessing the Need for a Targeted and Specialized Approach,” specialist are now looking at some multi-disciplinary approach to deal with the growing concerns over women health.

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