Monday, 10 November 2014

Mobile Applications and App Stores Market Analysis And Forecasts 2013-2018 : Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth available at ResearchBeam

Report Overview adds a report titled "Mobile Applications and App Stores: Market Analysis and Forecasts 2013-2018". The report provides an in-depth study on the Mobile Applications and App Stores industry trends, opportunities and factors influencing the market.

The mobile industry is in a significant transition stage in which major handset manufacturers, wireless operators, leading enterprises and some independents are all enabling developers to create new applications that are placed in an online stores. With this transition comes new infrastructure, processes and procedures for customers, and in the case of enterprise, employees and customers, to easily find and benefit from mobile applications that seamless integrate into the handset including automated billing and OSS functions. This research evaluates mobile application stores trends including the transition to improved enterprise support.

The report includes comparative analysis, SWOT analysis, and analysis of support functions (development, testing, etc.). The report evaluates business opportunities including anticipated future prospects of app store development and support for enterprise applications. The reports includes forecasts for Global Mobile Application Revenue 2013 – 2018 segmented by Business Model and App Store Provider.
Overview 3
Technical Overview 5
Mobile Application Development Toolkits 5
Mobile Application Stores 25
Comparative Analysis 32
Application Store Analysis 49
Analysis Of Developer Support Programs 50
Overall Analysis 50
Swot Analysis 51
Market Overview 54
Market Forecast 59
Market Analysis 63
Market Predictions 69
Business Opportunities 71
Technology Trend Drivers 72
Trends In Mobile Software Development 73
Apps: Retail Versus Enterprise ? 74
Mobile Software Testing Trends 75
Wireless Data Impacts Outside The Wireless Industry 75
Trends And Impacts To Networks 76
Where Are The Business Opportunities? 76
The Next Big App Market For Network Operators 77
Managing Apps And App Stores For The Enterprise 78

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List of Figures
Table 1: Mobile Development Platform Comparative Analysis 47
Table 2: Developer Program Marketing Analysis 50
Table 3: Mobile App Store Comparative SWOT Analysis 53
Table 4: Global Mobile Application Revenue by App Store ($M) 62

List of Tables
Figure 1: Store Index iOS App Store vs. Google Play App Downloads 60
Figure 2: iOS App Store vs. Google Play App Revenue 60
Figure 3: Global Mobile Application Revenue by Business Model ($M) 61
Figure 4: Smartphone Market Share 63
Figure 5: Looking back at 2008 Data 67

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