Tuesday, 30 September 2014

China Automobile Axle Market Size, Share, Industry, Study, Analysis, Research, Market, Growth, Trends, Report and Forecast 2014-2017

Report Overview

China Automobile Axle Market Report, 2014-2017 by Sino Market Insight predicts that sales volume of axle in China during 2014-2017 will register a CAGR of 6%, and will reach 15.67 million sets by 2017. As a key auto part, the development of axle industry is closely related to that of entire automobile industry, notably commercial vehicle industry. In 2013, commercial vehicle output in China rose 7.46%, and axle market grew steadily, with annual sales volume amounting to 12.48 million sets, up 10.23% year on year.

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List of Figures

GDP and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2006-2014
Share of Value Added of Three Industries in China, 2006-2014
Value Added of Transportation, Warehouse and Post and Their Shares in GDP in China 2001-2014 (RMB 100mln)
Fixed Assets Investment Completed and YoY Growth Rate in China?2001-2014 (RMB 100mln)
China?s Total Import and Export Value, Growth Rate of Import and Export Value, 2001-2014 (USD bn)
Total Retailing of Social Consumer Goods and YoY Growth Rate in China, 2001-2014 (RMB 100mln)
Classification of Automobile Axle by Drive Mode
Classification of Automobile Axle by Position
Policies Concerning Automobile Axle Industry in China

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